Why Designer Jewelry Is Best


At Pretios Jewels, we know that you have an eye for style. You don’t settle for less when it comes to your clothes and shoes in order to create the perfect look, so why would you compromise on your jewelry? When it comes to jewelry, it’s to your benefit to go designer. Investing in designer jewelry has so many benefits, and our experts at Pretios Jewels are here to make sure you never keep yourself from the fine jewelry experience.

  1. Lasts For Generations

You don’t have to only pass down engagement and wedding rings as heirlooms. The reason that they’re the most common fine jewelry item passed down throughout generations is because an engagement or wedding ring is the most common designer, or high-end jewelry item purchased. Investing in designer jewelry outside of an engagement or wedding ring gives you something else to pass down as time goes on. Not only this, but your designer jewelry heirloom will last centuries. Fine jewelry is handcrafted with the finest materials that are made to last for years to come.

  1. Unmatched Beauty

Designer jewelry has unique, incomparable beauty. Lower-end jewelry doesn’t have the same unique characteristics to it. They are mass-produced, and it’s likely that you’ll see someone else wearing your jewelry item. Designer jewelry guarantees a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry as unique as you are. Jewelers create their jewelry based on the four C’s rule: cut, clarity, carat weight, and color. The highest quality jewelry maintains high values through all four C’s. Jewelry looks the way it costs. If you invest in a cheaper jewelry option, it will look like it.

1. Complements Fashion Trends

    Designer jewelry is made to be classic and modern all at once. Fine jewelry matches with designer shoes, couture fashion, and trending hairstyles. At Pretios Jewels, our expert jewelers stay up to date on the latest trends to craft pieces to complement what’s in style. No matter the trend, investing in designer jewelry will ensure your look will be taken to the next level and not considered out of style and tacky.

    2. Durable

      In the jewelry world, you get what you pay for. Lower-end jewelry simply doesn’t compare in durability. Cheap materials used to mass-produce items do not last. Handmade jewelry, like the jewelry made at Pretios Jewels, is made with the finest metals and natural gemstones. It’s made to last a lifetime. The metals used in designer jewelry is not easily damaged, and if they are damaged, repair is easy. Investing in designer jewelry is an investment in style for life.

      3. Status

      Investing in designer jewelry says a lot about you. It conveys to the world that you don’t settle for less, and your style is impeccable. It gives you an instant confidence boost because you know you look great, and gives you the same feeling of achievement as buying a car or a home for the first time. It makes a bold statement that you can afford to invest in yourself. Don’t give yourself less than the beautiful designer jewelry that you deserve.

      At Pretios Jewels, we handcraft designer jewelry pieces for all occasions. Give yourself the gift of class, beauty, and style with a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime. Shop our jewelry collection now!