Tips for Taking Care of Jewelry

Fine jewelry is a special thing to own, but it does require additional care and attention in order for it to remain in top condition. Pretios is proud to provide individuals with the absolute best quality of jewelry around, which means that you need to have an idea on how to best care for the pieces that your purchase. Keep reading today’s blog post to see what steps you need to follow in order to take the best care of your jewelry.

Know when to Take it Off

Even the most beautiful of pieces can’t be worn at all times. One of the most important parts of owning fine jewelry is recognizing when you need to take it off. There is a time and a place for some of the finest jewelry pieces, and it’s certainly not at the gym or playing around outside. By wearing your jewelry in situations like this, you stand a great chance of breaking or destroying your jewelry, so it’s best to just take it off and leave them for the right occasions.

Put Your Jewelry On Last

As you put your outfit on and are getting ready to head out, do your best to make your jewelry the last thing that you put on. As tempting as it may be to put your jewelry on while you’re getting ready to see how well it works with your outfit, the different chemicals from your makeup or hair products are able to do damage to your jewelry pieces. Even though they may seem like gentle enough products, you don’t want something so simple to be the thing that damaged your pieces.

Store Pieces Individually

Jewelry boxes used to be designed in a way where all pieces went into one big box, but that’s not the suggested method of storing pieces at all. The best way to care for your jewelry is to store all of your pieces individually — at least your fine jewelry. Most of the fine jewelry pieces that you find, online or in a store, will be sold to you in a box that is completely it’s own so that you can store them all individually.

This ensures that no two pieces scratch the other, which is a much more common way for jewelry to get damaged than people think it is. There are so many different ways for you to store your jewelry now that if you are someone that loves fine jewelry, it’s entirely worth investing in the proper storage for all of your pieces. From necklace trees to armoires for smaller pieces like bracelets and rings, you truly can find every type of carrier that you need to properly store your jewelry.

Have the Right Materials

The next step that we’re going to touch on is having the materials needed to care for all of your pieces. Most silver and gold pieces require a little bit of polishing in order for the pieces to hold their shine. The best way to do this is to get a soft cloth that won’t scratch the pieces and some polish that you can use on pieces that have more of a silver or gold face to them.

You can also find bags to store your jewelry pieces that will be gentle to the gold and silver parts of your jewelry. These bags are great for maintaining shine too. Investing in a few of these to hold your pieces and then placing them in a jewelry box is a fine way to keep your pieces stored as well.

Understand Your Jewelry Pieces

Every piece of jewelry is different, and that means that it requires different types of cleaning as well. One of the best things that you can do with your jewelry is learn about it and figure out what type of cleaning methods are going to ensure that they look great at all points. This will also clue you into what types of cleaning materials and supplies you’ll need to care for the pieces, because not all pieces will be able to use the same.

If you have multiple pieces made from the same materials, then you should try storing these together so that you can clean and care for them all at the same time. This is a great to be efficient and ensure that you have the right materials and supplies out at the right time so that you don’t mistakenly use the wrong cleaners on the wrong pieces.

Pretios offers a wide selection of jewelry for you to choose from. From earrings and bracelets to necklaces and pendants, we do our best to provide everyone with the pieces necessary to complete an outfit and make a statement. Shop our pieces today and keep up to date with our blog for additional information on how to care for and wear your jewelry.