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What to Consider When Picking Jewelry for a Summer Wedding

Summer is the season of love and the season of weddings! From finding the perfect dress to determining who your plus one is going is a little bit tricky for us to help with, but our team can definitely help you when it comes to pairing the right jewelry with your outfit. Today’s blog is going to provide you with a few tips that will help you pick the perfect piece. Simple is Great When it comes to picking out jewelry for a wedding, you don’t want to pick anything that’s going to be too showy. The rule of thumb is to make sure that your jewelry doesn’t compete with the bride. If you are a friend of the bride,...

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Tips for Taking Care of Jewelry

Fine jewelry is a special thing to own, but it does require additional care and attention in order for it to remain in top condition. Pretios is proud to provide individuals with the absolute best quality of jewelry around, which means that you need to have an idea on how to best care for the pieces that your purchase. Keep reading today’s blog post to see what steps you need to follow in order to take the best care of your jewelry. Know when to Take it Off Even the most beautiful of pieces can’t be worn at all times. One of the most important parts of owning fine jewelry is recognizing when you need to take it off. There...

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