Expertly Coordinate Your Jewelry With Your Outfit

It’s the challenge that has plagued women for years: what piece of fine jewelry goes with your outfit? According to an article from The Daily Mail, women spend an average of 90 minutes per week deciding what to wear. It can be stressful with a morning time crunch to choose the perfect pieces of jewelry to compliment your ensemble without making it look like you’re trying too hard. When it comes to crafting the perfect outfit, consider these tips regarding your jewelry choices:


Tips on Coordinating Jewelry with Outfit


  1. Think About The Occasion:

When choosing accessories, think about what occasion you’re accessorizing for. This means thinking about it both practicality and what’s appropriate. For example, if you are working on a computer, and typing on a keyboard for most of your day, wearing dangly, clunky bracelets might not be the most practical option. There is also such a thing as inappropriate jewelry for certain occasions. Chains, chokers, etc. may not be appropriate for a formal occasion. Use your common sense, but when choosing your accessories, think about where you will be wearing them.

  1. Consider Your Physical Characteristics:

It is a true fact that certain pieces of jewelry goes better with certain face shapes and skin tones. Knowing yourself can help you choose what to wear. Silver illuminates natural tones. Gold is a good partner to darker hair and matte skin. Warm skin tones work well with yellow, orange, and green gemstone jewelry, and cool skin tones go with red, purple, and blue colored jewelry. Your jewelry that surrounds your face can actually be used to accentuate your facial features. If you have prominent cheekbones, more subtle earrings like studs are great to take the focus to your beautiful face.

  1. Diamonds:

If you’re struggling to choose which piece of jewelry to wear on a given day, diamonds are a go-to fine jewelry option that never fails. Diamonds are beautiful, and are a neutral color that goes with anything. In fact, the diamond’s shape acts as a prism reflecting different light, showing all the colors of the rainbow.

  1. Go Simple:

Simple is never understated. If you have a more plain outfit, sticking to simple plain gold, silver, black, or white jewelry is never a bad idea. Gold, silver, black, or white are powerful enough in themselves to make a statement in simplicity. For example, that little black dress in your closet pairs perfectly with a bright gold set of earrings or bracelet.

  1. Think About Your Outfit:

If you’ve already figured out your ensemble, but the accessories are the sticking point, think logically about what you’re wearing. If you’re wearing an already busy outfit with a lot to look at, your jewelry should not add to that. More subdued jewelry is a great match for a bold print. Another example is if you already have a focus point on your top, consider a subtle bracelet or earrings that do not take the attention away from where you’re intending it.

  1. Choose A Focus Piece:

If your jewelry is causing you a great deal of stress, a great starting point is choosing a piece that can serve as a focal point, and build around that. The other pieces should be minimal as to not take away from the focus piece. For example, if you choose a bold necklace for your statement piece, small stud earrings and minimal rings are excellent accompaniments that don’t overpower your focus piece.

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